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Promotion of Sports & others curricular activities

Synergy that belives sports and other curricular activities are as important as education for children.They form an integral part of an individuals growth process but,in our community access to facility and sports and other curricular activities is limited to only a section of the community thus depriving a major talent pool access to facilities that can enhance their talent. With an aim to help such deprived communities and to tap the untapped potential Synergy has developed projects to promote and encourage sports and other curricular activity among the students...

Wisdom League – Golconda Warriors

Synergy’s focus has always been on building a strong community with empowered youth and Wisdom League is an initiative to provide youth from the marginalized communities an opportunity to build on their inherent talent and opportunity to sharpen it and excel.

Youth are particularly vulnerable to various forms of psychological and physical disruptions to help them divert themselves from these disruptions and lead a focused life Wisdom League has launched a youth-oriented program that builds on the power of sports and literary activities as a tool for engaging the youth in productive activities. The initiative aims to promote sports and related activities by tapping the untapped and unreached potential to prevent crime and to effectively build mental resilience of at-risk youth.

Strengthening the youth in physical and mental abilities is a key objective of Wisdom League to minimize risk factors and maximize protective factors related to crime, violence and drug use. By enhancing knowledge of the consequences of crime and substance abuse and developing their physical and mental abilities, the initiative seeks to positively influence behaviour and attitudes of at-risk youth and prevent anti-social and risky behaviour.

Synergy’s Golconda Warriors club under the Wisdom League Initiative is on a Talent lookout and is reaching out to the unreached communities from 5 Districts that surround the capital city of Hyderabad. The screening witnessed immense talent pool among the youth making the selection process tough for the organisers.

Golconda Warriors under the umbrella of Wisdom League promotes sports and sportsmanship as a tool for promotion of tolerance and respect. It also highlights the contributions that sport and other curricular activities can make to the empowerment of communities as a whole.

The selected students will be mentored and groomed to excel in their respective chosen sport and activity by helping them access the best of facilities to emerge as a champion representing the pride of the club and nation at various levels.

Our country is rich in talent which needs to be tapped and given a direction, Synergy through its club – Golconda Warriors is working on building strong resource base for the country in the field of sport and other mental activities, guiding their way through success……

“Building Talent brick by brick for a empowered society to contribute to strengthened India “