Our Commitment to sustainable Development Goals

Synergy is committed to ensuring healthy lives and promote well-being for all at all ages. Through our health initiatives, we have ensured access to quality essential healthcare services particularly to those belonging to the marginalized communities who are otherwise deprived of healthcare benefits.

Synergy has also ventured into research activities to benefit the health care mechanism and well-being of people by identifying early warning, risk reduction and management of health risks in communities, we have been working with. Synergy with its interventions could substantially reduce the number of deaths and reduce the illness among its targeted populations by strengthening the health care mechanism and strengthening the capacities of healthcare workforce.

SIF, is committed towards a more inclusive society that ensures equal access to all without gender bias, affordable quality technical, vocational & tertiary education for the vulnerable. We promote skill development trainings that include technical and vocational skills for employment and entrepreneurship.

The collaborations established with different like-minded organizations in the state, helped in adopting a more focused approach to reach out to the most deserving and need people of the society. SIF also provides great importance to inclusivity for sustainable development of all segments of the society, by facilitating skilling training to the inmates and passed out students from the residential educational institutions in social, tribal and BC welfare societies in the state of Telangana.

Synergy India through its interventions and programs in ensuring quality education, gender equality, financial inclusions and poverty reduction has been working towards achieving the goals of reducing inequalities. The program benefited those desiring to obtain skill upgradation for achieving financial freedom. The collaborations and outreach with a transparent system of operations helped bridging gaps in the communities. Through our ground level coordinates and multi-pronged communication strategies, SIF tried bridging and reducing the inequalities further in the communities.

Synergy Works on enabling convergence between different stakeholders broadening the mandate of its program impact. SIF has collaborated with government departments, like minded non-profits, corporates and medical/healthcare providers to enhance the impact and reachability of its programs.

In ensuring environmental sustainability for economic developmentSIF collaborated with Centre for Sustainable Agriculture (CSA), Department of Horticulture and others for promoting organic farming and developing Agripreneurs. Similarly, the collaboration with Aakar Asha Hospital is helping children with birth deformities and accidental burns with corrective surgeries. Synergy believes in the collective power of the communities hence collaboration has been the core of Synergy programs.

Technology Inclusions

While the world is gearing steadfast progress in achieving the sustainable growth, information and communication technologies are the major enablers that will accelerate the achievements of sustainable growth. Usage of Technology and IT are an integral part of Synergy’s projects and technology intervention enables greater impact by enhancing the operational and implementing mechanism.

The technology inclusion has enabled a gateway in ensuring wider accessibility and scalability of the program making it more of data driven and on real time basis by facilitating monitoring and ready reckoning of figures. In ensuring the realisation of program sustainability, synergy facilitates active engagement with different stakeholders through technology intervention. Such connects foster higher chances of sustainability creating space for a equitable community engagement. Multiple access to technology intervention facilitates decentralisation of projects and project activities.