The purpose of our research and innovation is to explore the unexplored for the betterment of mankind...


Synergy from its exceperieance rigourous stududy of the healthcare,majorly among the students ventured into research activities to understand issues, create awearness and arrive at solutions.We believe that research is required not just students and accadecimes but for all who value learning,trying different approach to a problem etc... Research in synergy has been an essential component in generating and sharing knowledge...

Research for Health care

Synergy India Foundation is a gold mine for researchers. The data which has been collected and generated robustly for the past few years has a tremendous scope of research. Research on various aspects of healthcare has always been the vision of SIF and is always working towards it. SIF with its team has presented a meta-analysis summary back in 2018 as predictive analysis of the data available of around 1,52,044 students.

This prediction of higher respiratory infections seems in likeliness with the current Pandemic but we immediately had a solution and our team of doctors started suggesting breathing exercises to the children in the schools. This helped them to have a better immunity.

Nutrition is another area of research Synergy is concerned in. With huge number of students having severe malnutrition, it becomes a major concern for to provide the children with healthy food. We have started working on some healthier snacks which help in boosting the hidden hunger in these students.

We have further development many more products of similar importance and have been working on the research of the benefits of these products. Synergy is also always working on creating awareness of the health aspects in various ways.

Our research has spread into other areas like:
- Infectious diseases
- Sanitation
- Nutrition
- Tribal welfare and diseases associated.
- Public health
Our research team:
Dr. Md. Arifuddin - Ph. D. (Organic Chemistry)
Dr. E. Sujatha – MBBS
Dr. A. Swathi – BDS, MS (Public Health)
DNVS. Sandhya – M. Pharmacy (Pharmaceutics), M. Sc. Pharmacology, PG in Applied Nutrition (NIN).