"Synergy believes in the power of togetherness"

About Synergy

Synergy India Foundation (SIF) is an NGO in India headquartered in Hyderabad. Our organisation strives tochange the lives of poor and underserved through community participation and promote a safer societybysynergising different stakeholders to attain a larger impact on the community. SIF focuses in the areas of health, education, environment and sustainable livelihoods to bring in a positive change in the lives of the people and communities that we work and thus impacting the society at large. Synergy believes in the collective power of the communities in bringing about quality change in the lives of the needy communities.

Since 2007, SIF has been focusing its efforts towards offering a holistic approach to development by leveraging on technology to ensure greater reach out and enhance the impact of our programs. Our dashboard has revolutionised healthcare & Agri interventions in development sector and has attracted visitors from different states of our nation.

Our partnership with the Government ofTelangana and Government of Andhra Pradesh, along with the persistent support from Corporates, philanthropists and well-wishers helped us grow in scale and impact of our programs.

Today, Synergy India is one of its kind of a not-for-profit organisation that banks on technology for its programs and the impact thus derived and is touching over 3.5 lakh lives through our impactful intervention.

Vision & Mission

The vision is to bring positive change within the lives of the underserved through community participation and advance towards a safer society.
To empathise, encourage and empower communities towards development through synergies between different stakeholders, that are driven by compassion and technology in equity.


Financial Transparency particularly for an NGO is the core that restores thrust Synergy India ensures complete transparency not only in its financials but also in all activities undertaken Synergy complies and fulfills all statutory compliances of Indian accounting standards issued by the Institutes of Chartered Accountants of India(ICAI). At the end of each financial year financial audits are conducted by one of the trusted auditors in the states of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana, (Jawahar & Associates) and statements are published.

Audit Statement

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